16 Million colours

16 million colour combinations to choose from, you can create amazing effects that can transform the atmosphere - instantly!

  • Dynamic Effects and Sound Activated

    Colour can intelligently change with music being played to create your own personal light show

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Place on a desk or install onto a wall. The 3-pack & 6-pack both come with a different design of base for you to choose from

  • 16 Million Colours and 3 Modes

    Instant control from the palm of your hand via the app or control with the touch sensor on the back

  • Split and Joint

    Straight & precise edges for a seamless connection. Hexagon design with 19 LEDs and no dark areas on the surface

  • Low Power Consumption

    USB connection, with energy saving low power consumption of 0.3W

Control via app

Set the mood with the perfect lighting, all controllable via a swipe on your phone.

  • Select from a range of preset effects
  • Completely customise your effects
  • Use your device microphone to create lighting that reacts to sound
  • Turn on and off
  • available on the
    Google Play
  • available on the
    Apps Store